An ADU is an “Accessory Dwelling Unit”. As the name implies, the new structure is an accessory to the primary dwelling unit and it can be attached, detached, or converted basement/attic space. These ADUs can be built as-of-right in any single-family residential zone and upon completion are a separate, legal residential unit.

Unlock Hidden Value in Your Property

An ADU is an excellent way to unlock value in your property. Whether to generate monthly income through renting, provide a quality living option for aging in place, or just to have a private oasis in your own back yard, constructing an ADU taps into an equity and revenue source that most homeowners never take advantage of.

Time Is of the Essence

The city of Portland is temporarily offering excellent incentives to build ADUs, making these energy efficient, self-contained ADUs more affordable than ever to build. More and more Portland residents are finding that micro homes offer a great opportunity to make a few extra bucks and add value to their homes.

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